What is Elvanto?
Elvanto is a cloud based church administration system, designed to help each Zion Praise Harvest member & the church stay connected.

Elvanto is the new platform for Zion Praise Harvest to communicate to its members. It hosts members information securely, with a high degree of data privacy. 

What are the benefits of using Elvanto?
With Elvanto, Zion Praise Harvest has a centralised system that every church member can use. From communicating to each members with latest updates in the life of our church, to activating volunteers in respective ministries. Ministry leaders can easily allocate rosters & notify individual members that they are on duty. Each member in turn, has the ability to instantly reply if they are available to serve that weekend. Otherwise, Elvanto can also help look for replacements to serve.


Elvanto also helps with the planning of service flow, to the running of out reach events. Elvanto helps eliminate ministry overheads, & return valuable time to the members to focus on what is most important - building meaningful connects with each members.

How do I get in?
All Zion members are welcome & will be sent an invitation to access into Zion Elvanto page. If you have yet to receive your access invitation, please contact your cell group leader.

Click link below to access


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