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Guest Speaker

Sun 20 Mar  

10:00 am 

Elizabeth Jolley LT

Curtin University


Eric has a deep desire to see others set free from limiting mindsets and to rise up to the challenges of being everything that God has called them to be. Eric seeks to add value and to build the local church, preaching with a prophetic edge. Eric draws from his own life changing encounters with God and engages the crowd with not only a life changing message but also with humor.


Eric is a passionate social entrepreneur and business man. He has been nominated for several business awards including the Victorian Young Achievers Award and The Pride of Australia Award for his contributions to the community.


Eric’s dream and passion is to help people chase their dreams and make a difference.

Sat 19 Mar  

6:00 pm 

Guest Speaker 

Heart & Soul

Fri 18 Mar  

7:30 pm 

Guest Speaker 

Passion + O2 Youth

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