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Guest Speaker

Sun 11 Dec
10:00 am 
The Hub 


Rev Matt Ooi has been married to Bex for the past 15 years. Leah is 9 and Samuel is 12 years old. After 9 years of being a physiotherapist, Matt has been in full time ministry as an ordained Anglican pastor for the past 9 years. Having spent time in full-time church ministry as well as directing a youth movement in Melbourne, through the past years of hardship, God has been preparing them for ministry as over-seas missionaries in Japan. Throughout the nations of the world, there are still more than 2 billion people who would never meet another Christian if missionaries are not sent overseas, especially in Japan, where less than 1% of the population are Christian amongst the 126 million Japanese people. 


Apart from his family, evangelism and raising up the next generation, Matt has a love for labradors, triathlon, and all things cycling.

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