Cell groups are small groups of people who meet together regularly in an informal environment - usually in homes but potentially anywhere! It's a place for people to make new friends, have fun, catch great meals & where personal relationships with others & with God are built & strengthened – a great way to meet other people & build authentic relationships. No matter what your age, interest or situation, we have cell groups that's just right for you. We invite you to join us! 


O2 Youth is the youth ministry of Zion. Highschoolers gather on Friday nights for games, develop life skills & engage in wholesome fellowship and worship - all in the midst of GOOD CRAZY FUN!


This is a great positive environment where young people learn about Jesus & how they can be healthy influences in their famillies, schools and communities. 


We are all things FUN, all things FRESH, all things Christ-FOCUSED! Come check us out!

Passion is the campus ministry of Zion & an official guild club of Curtin University, University of Western Australia & Murdoch University. We are young, passionate students who meet in weekly small groups to fellowship & worship God as our Lord & Saviour.

In ​Passion, we aim to bulid lasting relatonships with others & help students through transition, whether it be in college, university or working adult life. We've got events varying from sports, food, performing arts & helping the community. The only thing missing is ... YOU​​​​​​​​!



At Young Adults (YA) we love our friends through thick & thin. We love food at those hipster cafes' tucked away in those neat little alleyways. We love seeing a good live band at those massive venues that make your ears split. We love our weekends & the memorable adventures they bring. However, there is one area where we want to stand out different – that’s our radical, hold nothing back, crazy & always passionate love for God.


With a vision to see young adults transformed by the message of Jesus lived out in our city & in our world, there’s always something going on for YA. So be sure to join us every Wednesday evening & watch our events calendar to see what’s happening next!


We are passionate about helping people connect with God & each other. Through a focus on hospitality & relationships, Young Family groups offer an opportunity to begin & build lasting friendships.


Whatever your interest may be, from sports to business, women’s & men’s, family & children, our desire is to make you feel welcomed.


Why not bring the whole brood along? Your family is our family!


If you’re 40+, no matter what your interest or situation, have a family, married or single, the Family Cell is the place for you. A great way to meet other people & build authentic relationships.


Our fortnightly gatherings help shape a safe haven in our commitment to create a healthy sense of community & family. Talk to one of our Family Cell leaders today.


All good! Hear from us soon!