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Guest Speaker

Sun 10 Mar

10:00 am 

Tim Winton LT

Curtin University


Steve is the founding leader & director of the RICE Movement & he loves seeing how God is raising up the next generation of young people come to know Jesus & be renewed in their faith. Growing up with chinese-malaysian family, schooling at James Ruse High School & studying commerce meant that even though he was born in Australia Steve has been surrounded by asian youth all his life which has likely fuelled a passion to see his Australian asian demographic be used by God.


Having worked as a youth pastor, he completed bible college & then spent 7 years leading a church but now is part time working for RICE & part time in an itinerant preaching role, living by faith & speaking at different churches & events in Sydney, Australia & abroad. He is married to Naomi & together they have four young children - two boys & two girls.


You can follow him on:

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snapchat (@steve.chong)

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